Sharon Bulova


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"Seniors are the County's fastest-growing population. I am committed to continuing the progress the County has made in becoming a more aging-friendly community."

-Sharon Bulova


Fairfax County is preparing for a large increase in the number of seniors living in the county. Between 2005 and 2030, the county expects the 50 and over population to increase by 40 percent and the 70 and over population by 88 percent. In the summer of 2013, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and the Fairfax Area Commission on Aging held a series of community forums as part of our preparations for the Silver Tsunami.


Top areas of concern for preparing Fairfax County for the increased senior population are ensuring adequate housing and transportation infrastructure that can accomodate the specific needs of the senior population. Fairfax County must continue to link transportation to land use to ensure our senior population can choose live near the services they need. Chairman Bulova is a strong supporter of transit-oriented and mixed-use development, which not only serves our young professionals but our aging population by providing housing choices near critical services as well as lifestyle amenities such as restaurants, retail and fitness centers.