Sharon Bulova


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Chairman Bulova has worked with many local leaders over the years to bring Metro's Silver Line to Fairfax County, expand Connector Bus Service, and increase pedestrian and bicycle infrastucture within our transportation network.



Our 50+ population is Fairfax County's fastest growing population. Chairman Bulova is working to accomodate our older residents to ensure Fairfax County remains a place where people want to continue to live, work, play and grow older comfortably.


Fairfax County's parks, open spaces, water sheds, and stormwater management policies are huge assets to our community. Smart environmental policies ensure efficient use of our natural resourses, while trees and trails boost our health and quality of life.


Chairman Bulova stands by the County's Office to Prevent and End Homlessness and is working to prevent homlessness as we know it by 2018. Chairman Bulova also understands the importance of affordable housing in our area, and strives to form pubic-private partnerships to increase housing options for residents within Fairfax County.


Sharon believes in keeping taxes affordable for residents, especially in difficult economic times. Through strategic redevelopment initiatives and attracting new businesses, Sharon has led the effort to grow and diversify our tax base.

Public Safety

Safe neighborhoods are crucial to a strong and vibrant community, and crime has steadily decreased since Sharon took office in 2009.

Mental Health


Education is Chairman Bulova's highest priority. Our world class public education system is one of the biggest attractions for both residents and businesses moving to the area. Over one half of the General Fund Budget goes to our public school system.

The health and safety of our residents is extremely important. Too often, children, teens and adults alike struggle with mental health issues that go unseen and untreated. Sharon encourages education and awareness in the area of mental health, and supports access to helpful resoures to improve our quality of life as a community.