Sharon Bulova


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"Fairfax County is a community of people who enjoy working together to address our challenges and improve our lives. Working together, I believe we will be successful in making sure all of our Fairfax County neighbors are living safely, with a roof over their heads."

-Sharon Bulova



Unfortunately, homelessness is a very real problem in Fairfax County, with over 1,000 people currently experiencing homelessness. However, much progress has been made. Since 2008, homelessness in our county has decreased by 42 percent! That is 776 fewer people counted as homeless on one night in January 2016 than on one night in January 2008. Fairfax County's Office to Prevent and End Homelessness is on a 10 year plan to prevent and end homelessness as we know it by 2018. I am very proud of how dedicated we are to helping people without a home in Fairfax County.


Affordable housing can be hard to find where we live, and yet the demand for it is extremely high. That is why I have always been committed to expanding affodable housing options in Fairfax County, especially through public-private partnerships. The Residences at Government Center project is a great example!