Sharon Bulova


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“Education is my highest priority and I will continue the substantial investment in Fairfax County Public Schools that has helped make our school system truly world class."

-Sharon Bulova


Education is Chairman Bulova's highest priority. Fairfax County is home to great higher education partners like Northern Virginia Community College and George Mason University, but Fairfax County's most important educational institution is Fairfax County Public Schools. Our world class public education system is one of the biggest attractions for both residents and businesses moving here.


Investing in Fairfax County Public Schools is the Board's top priority, and you can see this through the annual investment the Board of Supervisors makes in FCPS. Each year, the Board transfers over half of the General Fund to schools. They also support schools through shared and supportive services like school nurses, school resource officers and public safety, and human services and housing.


As we continue to feel the effects of the Great Recession, it is critical we work with our partners at the School Board. That is why Chairman Bulova created the Infrastructure Financing Committee and the Joint Budget Development Committee over the past two years to find creative ways to continue to improve Fairfax County Public Schools. These committees resulted in more funding and strengthened the partnership between the Board of Supervisors and the School Board. Chairman Bulova will continue to look for creative ways to collaborate and invest in Fairfax County's greatest asset.