Sharon Bulova


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"Despite challenging economic times, I am committed to making the difficult fiscal decisions that keep Fairfax a great place to work and do business."


-Sharon Bulova


With a high median income and low unemployment rate, Fairfax County has the strongest local economy of any jurisdiction in the Washington D.C. Metro area.


Chairman Bulova believes in preserving Fairfax County’s reputation as a business-friendly community. Part of maintaining Fairfax County’s vibrant economy involves pursuing economic development and revitalization opportunities, workforce development, and affordable housing, while keeping taxes affordable for our residents and corporate neighbors.


We must ensure that Fairfax County maintains a strong economy and attracts the best and brightest. We must also diversify our economy as to not become reliant on any single industry.


Fairfax County's Strategic Plan to Facilitate Economic Success is a great tool to make sure as a County, we stay on track to achieve our local and specific economic success goals.